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ARE WE FEELING IMPRISONED YET? The question I been meditating on this morning as this whole stay at home thing has really gotten to me is this . . . Are we a prisoner of Christ or are we a prisoner of COVID 19, or the government or whoever we would like to blame for all of this. Do we really believe God is sovereign and works all things together for the good fo those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. The Words of Paul come to mind on this (Eph 3:1) – “For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles-” Of course we know Paul was imprisoned at the penning of this letter along with the rest of the prison Epistles, yet Paul never that I can recall, calls Himself the prisoner of Rome. He sees Himself imprisoned by the Lords sovereign hand. Paul considered His life so committed to the Lord and the Lords will that when stuff hit the fan so to speak He didn’t focus so much on what the circumstances were as much as he focused on what God was doing. Paul simply considered Himself to be in a place where the Lord wanted to do a work in Him and through Him. God has us where He wants us, He has us taking a break, or being busier, or for stretched then we have ever been for a reason. Maybe for you its to seek the Lord in a personal way you never have, read the Bible in a way you never have, Love your spouse the way you never have, Love your kids the way you never have. I don’t know what it is, for Paul it was so that He would write the prison Epistles we simply wouldn’t probably otherwise have because Paul wasn’t gonna slow down for nothing. Paul saw his time imprisoned by Rome as a prison sentence by His loving savior, a sentence put in place so that Jesus could accomplish His good and perfect will. Are you willing today to see yourself imprisoned by a loving savior? If so, for what reason, open your eyes and open your heart to Gods great plan in all of this, for HIS GLORY!!