Prayer and Evangelism

By March 19, 2020No Comments

Concerning the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Hey Horizon family! Couple things I’d like to encourage everyone to consider. Prayer and evangelism.

It is my conviction that this social distancing and isolation is actually a gift from God. With most of our lives slowing down a bit because of the virus, let’s take this time to gather our spouses, children, and other family members together and begin praying daily.

Things to be praying for but not limit to:
1. Revival – that God would bring about a national and worldwide revival of repentance and turning to Jesus

2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit – that God’s people would be filled with His Spirit to be His witness.

3. Evangelism opportunities – people are scared and without hope. We can share with people in our social circle the gospel, which is our hope!

4. Healings – as the virus continues to spread, many more will become ill. Pray for a supernatural healing that gives God the glory!

5. Protection from warfare – certainly an open door has been presented to us but the adversary will certainly be working overtime.

6. Healthcare workers – no doubt these men and women will be risking their lives and will be physically depleted daily. Pray for Gods strength to be given to them. Also, for those who know the Lord to be bold and share Jesus with their patients and other staff.

7. Government – our president and others in our national, state, and local offices are undoubtably working tirelessly to protect the people of this nation. Pray that they’d be given grace and wisdom in these difficult decision makings.

8. The Lord’s coming! – We know not the day or the hour of His return but He gave us signs of the things to come. The birth pain contractions (Matthew 24) are getting closer and closer together! Wouldn’t you agree?! Pray that we His church would be ready, that we would live these days given well for His glory. Pray for an excitement in His church for His coming.

9. Individual needs – if you have specific prayer request, please leave a personal Facebook message that the elders may read and pray for you.

As for evangelism, we have been given an unprecedented opportunity to use our social media platforms to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! Think about it! People will be viewing their social media now more then ever. You individually have the potential to reach hundreds of people reading your posts. I encourage everyone to flood the web with Jesus Christ!

Couple things to consider but no limited to:
1. Love people by inviting people to repent of their sins, receive forgiveness of their sins, and begins relationship with Jesus

2. Share scripture – use scripture to share the gospel

3. Share your testimony – tell people about how Jesus has changed your life.

4. Post worship songs exalting Jesus!

5. Share others post

6. Add as many unbelievers as you know on your social media so they can read yours and others posts

7. Prayerfully consider personal messaging people you know and begin talking about spiritual matters as the Lord leads.

Pray that God would show you how He would use you in this open door opportunity! Use the gifts God has given you for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom here in earth. Love you family! Stay tuned for further updates!