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WHEN YOU CAN DO NOTHING MORE THAN PRAY, PRAY!!! . . . (Psalm 50:15) – “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” Although prayer should be the first action we resort to in our every day life (1Thess 5) says to pray without ceasing, in other words an attitude of dependence and prayer all day every day. It is interesting that it often requires down time to get us actually praying. Many of us are kinda stuck, we can’t go places, we can’t gather together as a church in a common meeting place, we can’t really go out and share the gospel with strangers because everyone is practicing social distancing, we really have our hands tied and it seems they may be tied tighter before this is all said and done. Now I know for myself this creates a real struggle, I start to ask the question WHAT SHOULD I DO? There are so many hurting people and I literally can do nothing. EXCEPT of course Pray. NO doubt all along we should have been setting aside our own efforts and throwing ourselves on the mercy and grace of God in secret prayer, but so long as we can exert our own efforts we do. TODAY we can truly bring glory to God because we can do nothing else but call upon Him. Call upon Him to bring comfort and healing, call upon Him to let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, call upon Him to bring Jesus to the hearts of broken lost and hurting people all around us and when its all said and done one ONE will get the glory. Listen, its all perspective and im preaching to myself. This may be what finally gets us to the place of secret prayer with the Father that He has been getting us to all along. This may be the opportunity to pray for revival without any human effort to interfere because we simply can’t. . . CALL ON HIM and He will be glorified. . . AMEN. Love you all. Ill pray for you, and please pray for me, not for ease, or comfort alone, but for His glory through the gospel of our Savior Jesus.